Ċhaŋphása Wí

Ċhaŋphása Wí is the time of year when chaŋphá (chokecherry) ripens and is gathered. Chaŋphá is known for its resiliency and therefore is a traditional medicine and a traditional food of the Dakota. Chaŋpháhu (chokecherry branches), chaŋphá (chokecherry fruit), chaŋphásu (chokecherry seed), and chaŋphá haŋpí chokecherry juice) are used in ceremonies and are medicines. Chaŋphá also makes great jelly, syrup, and wózapi.

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  • Chaŋpháa Wí – Red Chokecherry Moon
  • Chaŋphá – chokecherry
  • Chaŋpháhu – chokecherry branch/bush
  • Chaŋphá wózapi – hokecherry pudding 
  • Chaŋphásu – chokecherry seed
  • Chaŋphá haŋpí – chokecherry juice
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