Love and Caring Words

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this time of year is perfect for letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. The following love-themed Dakota words and phrases are terms of affection. Next time you want to express your affection for someone you love, say it in Dakota!

  • Tecinḣinda – I love you
  • Nina tecinḣinda – I really love you
  • Niye mitawa – You are mine
  • Tu we wastewadake – Lover
  • Miye ohniyan nitawa kte – I am always yours
  • Niye iyotan waste cidake – You are special to me
  • Niye Tecinhinda ȯta – Lots of love for you
  • Niye Wastecidaka ȯta – I like you lots
  • Niye ataya wa’ste ḣca – You are perfect
  • Niye mi iṡta dukapa – You caught my eye
  • Mato mitawa – My bear
  • Cante tanka – Big heart
  • Micante iyacu – You take my heart
  • Tecinḣinda wicawaka – Truly love you
  • Niṡnana Tecinḣinda – I love you only
  • Nisnana poskid bduza wacin – Just you I want to hold
  • Poskid mayaduza – Hug me
  • Ni panġeġe – You are amazing
  • Micante ṡdo miya – You melt my heart
  • Anpetude ciksu ya waun – Remembering you today
  • Aḣpemayaṡni – Don’t leave me
  • Micante iyacu – You have taken my heart
  • Imaputaka – Kiss me
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